Women in physics

 At the Université de Sherbrooke, women make up 16% of the physics student body, from bachelor’s to postdoctoral students. Despite the progress made in recent years, women continue to be under-represented in several areas of science.

Born from a student initiative and supported by the Institut quantique, the Regroupement des femmes en physique de l’ UdeS was created in the fall of 2016. The main objective of the Regroupement is to promote the representation of women in physics and science. More concretely, the Regroupement wishes to break the isolation of women and minorities and promote their sense of belonging to the physics department of the UdeS.

The Regroupement also wishes to participate in the recruitment of women in physics, by organizing activities with a scientific flavour for young girls and by offering successful female role models in science. In addition, through the creation of contact networks for UdeS students, the Regroupement wants to limit the brain drain in the field and promote female leadership.

Finally, the Regroupement des femmes en physiques de l’ UdeS aims to raise public awareness of the problems associated with the low representation of women in science and to contribute to the elimination of prejudices and stereotypes in order to create an environment conducive to the advancement of knowledge for all.

Person in charge : Sophie Rochette, sophie.rochette@usherbrooke.ca

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